Budget Cabins Micro-Living
Grannyflats  - 20m² to 72m²
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Grannyflats - with bedroom and kitchen
We have a unique Design-Your-Own (DYO) format allowing clients to design their own floor plans to best suit their living and site requirements.
Designs maybe trendy Pent or traditional Gable styles.
Suitable for concrete pad or pile floor, there is a wide range of cladding and joinery options ensuring finished designs exactly suit client's requirements and budget.

Below are some sample plans:

6036 b

3.6m Width:   Plan 6036a  Area  21.6m²
This super compact plan offers the smallest practical separate bedroom granny flat.
Complete with mini kitchenette, full ensuite and single bedroom, this could be your most affordable secondary dwelling.

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7242 a

4.2m Width:  Plan 7242a  Area 30.24m²
Compact, yet offering double bedroom, this design has full ensuite and micro kitchen.

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7248 a

4.8m Width:  Plan 7248a  Area 34.56m²
A compact two bedroom plan, with double master bedroom, basic kitchen and bathroom.

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9654 a

5.4m Width:  Plan 9654a  Area 51.84m²
This medium sized plan allows for double and single bedrooms, compact kitchen and combined bathroom-service area.

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10860 a

6.0m Width:  Plan10860a  Area 64.8m²
This plan with two double and a single bedroom, separate toilet and combined bathroom and service area makes a comprehensive grannyflat or compact first or family home.

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BP6036 250

Budget Shell Cabins
Our range of Budget Shell Cabins offer ideal platforms upon which very economic floor plans designs can be build.

Lockup Shell prices from: $12,000